Charmaine Craig
Knox, Inc.
Hartford, CT
“The soil is so important. We stand on it. We eat from it. We have to care for it, respect it and nurture it.”

Charmaine Craig is committed to grassroots community organizing and is a devoted advocate of Hartford, Connecticut’s, green spaces. Through her position at Knox, Inc. and volunteer work with several other organizations throughout Hartford, Ms. Craig empowers the community to recreate their local food system and embrace a healthful lifestyle. Whether she is at a tree planting, a greenhouse workshop, a block party or a candlelight vigil, she connects individuals; and produces positive results within Hartford’s neighborhoods and beyond.

Her informal career as an activist began early in her life as she organized protests of discrimination and inequality on various platforms. Ms. Craig began her formal community service career at HART (Hartford Areas Rally Together) in 1998. She was the liaison between Hartford residents and city officials, helping them work together to restore their historic city.

As the director of community outreach at Knox for the past nine years, Ms. Craig has increased the number of volunteers, funders and community gardeners; expanding the reach of the organization. In addition to inspiring the community to help, Ms. Craig works with each of the gardening families and empowers them to be leaders.

Ms. Craig’s commitment to community leadership and the environment is evident in each program or project she leads at Knox. She manages an array of community-based programs; including Trees for Hartford’s Neighborhoods, the Greater Hartford Green Team, the Community Gardens and Hartford Cleans-Up. There is not a place in Hartford that her work does not reach. Ms. Craig remains devoted to Hartford; and is committed to building a stronger, greener, and more sustainable city.

Ms. Craig graduated magna cum laude from Central Connecticut State University in 1998.

what’s your healthy?℠

"eating a fresh tomato picked off the vine"

Sustainable Fact: Trees filter airborne pollutants and reduce the conditions that cause asthma and other respiratory problems.*

* American Lung Association. 1997. Childhood Asthma: A Matter of Control. Pamphlet