Rolf Gates
Yoga & Meditation
Santa Cruz, CA
“Yoga is the process of becoming who we already are and remembering what we already know.”

Rolf Gates believes it is time to relax — and learn to deepen your relationship with yourself.

“People today are often anxious and unnecessarily in conflict with their environment. This stress is a learned behavior and can be unlearned,” said Gates, a yoga teacher and author recognized as one of the leading voices in modern yoga. “Yoga and meditation facilitate this learning process.”

Gates began his career in social work. He started meditating and practicing yoga to cope with the stress of working with adolescents who had suffered trauma. He took a job as a part-time yoga instructor, and within a few years, he was teaching yoga full time.

“I have always been motivated to follow a path of service,” said Gates, who also is a former U.S. Army Airborne Ranger. “Teaching yoga and meditation is my path. My years in social work and counseling inform my work.”

Gates said yoga and meditation can help heal both the body and the mind. The athletic yoga poses and the atmosphere of a yoga class help a person feel centered, strong and present in the moment. The breath-work and meditation involved can address the neurological patterns related to stress by helping rewire the brain. Yoga can move a person from the habit of struggle to the habit of well-being.

“Yoga is the process of becoming who we already are and remembering what we already know,” Gates said.

Yoga & Meditation: A system of exercises to promote control of the body and mind.