Angela Tatum Fairfax, Ph.D.
Dance/Movement Therapy
Wilmington, DE
“Dance and movement are great tools to help us transition through life.”

When there are no words to express how you feel, Angela Tatum Fairfax wants you to dance.

The dance/movement therapist believes that by tapping into our first language — movement — a person can find a level of comfort, healing and release that may seem out of reach with regular therapy.

“Dance/movement therapy is a great way to express yourself with your full body,” said Fairfax, CEO and chief clinician of Good Fruit Expressive Arts LLC, a counseling and creative arts psychotherapy practice. “The physical release brings forth healing. It allows us to be free and gain clarity. It helps us align our thoughts with our emotions; as well as our minds, bodies and spirits.”

Fairfax has used dance/movement therapy with everyone from young children to teenagers to seniors. She has seen it treat a broad spectrum of ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

“Many people are apprehensive,” she said. “But once they start dancing and allow themselves to be in the moment, they can’t wait to do it again.” According to Fairfax, dance/movement therapy is transformative because it allows people to harness the raw and honest energy they had as children.

“It frees us from all the things we feel we need to control as adults,” she said. “As we age, we must continue to explore who we are. We change with time, and we must shift with that change. Dance and movement are great tools to help us transition through life.”

Dance/Movement Therapy: Therapy for emotional and physical conditions through the use of dance and movement.