Wentworth Jarrett, M.D.
Wellness Services
Miami, FL
“When a health change happens, as it always will, our patients have somewhere to go.”

Dr. Wentworth Jarrett had his first massage as an adult — and immediately realized its tremendous benefits. “I view the body with a great deal of reverence,” he said. “It is a marvelous engine.”

The board-certified physician decided that rather than build a typical medical practice in Miami, he would open an integrated medical center with a full-service spa offering wellness services such as massage therapy, yoga, Pilates and skin care.

“I had a vision, and I brought together the people to help me implement the vision,” said Jarrett. His wife, Sandra, runs the spa area; while Jarrett maintains a growing medical practice providing care for men, women and children.

The center’s spa allows the Jarretts to begin working with patients before illness occurs. “When a health change happens, as it always will, our patients have somewhere to go. We are all on a continuum — a journey that leads us somewhere. The key to care is consistency and trust,” said Jarrett.

The services offered at the spa — in particular yoga, Pilates and biofeedback — help to strengthen the core as well as help with relaxation. “We all have to learn how to pause,” Jarrett said. “We have to realize we are not in a dress rehearsal.”

“In our society,” he said, “we are challenged because we are always rushing. I try to encourage my patients to embrace the best during life. If you don’t enthusiastically enjoy today, then you are missing the point,” said Jarrett.

Wellness Services: A holistic approach that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life.