Andrea D. Sullivan, Ph.D., N.D.
Naturopathic Medicine
Washington, D.C.
“We teach patients about their health and show them how to make the right choices at home.”

Dr. Andrea D. Sullivan believes she entered the field of naturopathic medicine because of a divine intervention. “It was in God’s plan that I followed this direction,” she said.

Thirty years old and 30 pounds overweight, Sullivan went to Dr. James D’Adamo, one of the pioneers of naturopathic medicine. After getting to know her, he saw great promise in her future as a naturopathic physician.

“After six months, I was feeling much better. I went back to Howard University, where I had been an associate professor, to take prerequisites for medical school. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to sell my house and car, and move to Seattle to study at Bastyr University where I received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine,” Sullivan said. “My family thought I was crazy. But I knew this was something that I had to do.”

Since 1988, Sullivan has run the Center for Natural Healing in Washington, D.C. The center focuses on homeopathy, herbal medicine, stress reduction, weight loss, detoxification and nutrition.

“We treat people, not conditions,” Sullivan said. “People come to me usually as a last resort because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

“Our body is a miraculous machine, but you have to be involved with it. It’s not like a car that you can drop off for a tune-up and pick up at 5 o’clock. We teach patients about their health and show them how to make the right choices at home.”

Now feeling healthier than ever, Sullivan serves as a role model for patients, as well as in the field of naturopathy. “You have to practice what you preach because people want to see results,” she said.

Naturopathic Medicine: Healthcare that emphasizes prevention and treatment through the use of natural therapeutic methods.