Folashade Omole, M.D., FAAFP, CPEHR
East Point, GA
“When you put the needle in, it’s a source of release. It’s a form of rejuvenation.”

When you’re feeling sick or overwhelmed, Dr. Folashade Omole can help you pinpoint the source of your problem — literally.

The licensed medical acupuncturist uses the ancient Chinese practice of manipulating thin, solid needles in the skin at acupuncture points to help her patients with an array of ailments. She has seen it help with everything from pain to insomnia to infertility.

Omole explains acupuncture with a metaphor: “The energy in your body flows like a river. You have different ailments such as pain when you have a dam in the river or the river is stagnant. The acupuncture needles help open the dam. They allow the river to flow again.”

Omole says acupuncture is both preventative and healing. “You can view acupuncture like you do your annual checkup. You can use it before you feel stressed, overwhelmed or have pain. Or, you can use it to treat anything and everything that ails you,” she said.

She has used it to help a woman with severe knee pain begin to walk in high heels again. She also has helped patients with anxiety become better at making decisions. She even uses it to ease her husband’s throat discomfort. “When you put the needle in, it’s a source of release,” she said. “It’s a form of rejuvenation.”

Omole’s goal is to help underserved populations see the potential benefits in acupuncture, and other complementary and alternative medicine options. “I want to make sure these populations are exposed to all the medical options out there,” she said.

Acupuncture: A practice that involves pricking the skin with needles to alleviate pain.