Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.
Atlanta, GA
“The difference is the aromatherapy I practice is therapeutic to help calm and heal the body.”

Jamela Franklin is an accomplished holistic psychotherapist, certified aromatherapist, certified reiki master, metaphysician, reflexologist, energy medicine practitioner, life coach, college professor and author. Ms. Franklin brings a wealth of experience and training to her current private practice in holistic health.

Having completed her undergraduate education at Cornell University, Ms. Franklin pursued and completed a master’s degree in educational administration at Harvard University and a master’s degree in counseling psychology at Lesley University. She currently is pursuing her Ph.D. in holistic life coaching at the University of Sedona.

After working in various positions in the field of education for more than 15 years, Ms. Franklin realized that her career interests were changing. She decided to pursue a practice in holistic health due to her passion and unwavering commitment to empowering people on the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial levels. It is Ms. Franklin’s belief that holistic health is extremely effective because this modality addresses all facets of one’s life, not just the physical body.

Ms. Franklin’s treatments, workshops, and classes have been described as exceptional, compelling, transformative, and inspirational. Her current practice in Atlanta, Georgia, combines her traditional educational background with her holistic training in psychotherapy, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, empowerment, energy medicine and stress management.

Among her other accomplishments, Ms. Franklin also is the host and creator of the weekly blog talk radio show “Higher Consciousness,” which covers topics such as aromatherapy, spirituality, metaphysics, creative visualization, nutrition and empowerment.

Aromatherapy: The use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to calm and heal.