LeRoy M. Graham, Jr., M.D.

Founder, Not One More Life, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

When Dr. LeRoy M. Graham, Jr. unexpectedly lost a 10-year-old patient to asthma, he knew he had to do something to prevent unnecessary deaths in the future. He set out to teach his community about the disease and how to recognize signs of an asthma attack.

Dr. Graham is a well-respected pediatric pulmonologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, he has built many strong relationships with health care professionals. Many of his peers agreed to help him teach the African American community about the serious effects of uncontrolled asthma and lung disease.

In 2003, Dr. Graham formed the volunteer advocacy organization Not One More Life, Inc. Through outreach in Atlanta’s local faith communities, it provides free educational programs on lung disease, symptom screening and lung function testing; as well as physician counseling, referral, and outcome monitoring. Not One More Life, Inc. also has expanded to 10 additional cities around the country.

The group initially began in a school setting. However, Dr. Graham quickly realized that the best way to connect to people was at places where they worship. “We have the opportunity to reach people in a sacred place where there is trust,” he said. “We take health knowledge to their own turf. This makes people much more comfortable.

“Pastors have deep-rooted beliefs in the link between physical health and spiritual health,” he said. “We are working with them to promote the spiritual gift of health. Protecting that gift is a matter of stewardship.”